Welcome to Law’s Institute of Self Defense
Martial Arts at its Best!

Law’s School of Self Defense is a unique martial arts school in Duncan BC, that specializes in practical street defense training. This is not a traditional martial arts school. Law’s is a modern day martial arts school that retains traditional values and martial arts philosophy, but focuses more on practical self defense techniques.

Law’s School has been in effect for more than 18 years and has established a reputation for superior instruction in the areas of : striking and pad work, trapping, escapes, control techniques, off-balancing, take downs, street effective ground fighting, everyday weapons and much more. Our system offers students professional training using practical skills that fit and blend together to make a very complete street defense system, creating effective reactions for any situation.

At Law’s you will learn what it takes to defend yourself in a real life situation, and how to put those skills into action when necessary. The focus at Law’s is realistic training, fitness and fun.

“Dave is amazing with kids. My son is five and I have put him in quite a few sports now and he has enjoyed them all, but nothing compares to martial arts”

Sherrie V Duncan BC

While Law’s is not a traditional school, some traditional aspects remain. The system is designed with a structured learning program arranged with different levels that are associated by belts. There is a school uniform that is not traditional, but a modern day representation. The techniques taught can be learned by anyone regardless of age, gender, size, or weight.

The techniques do require discipline and focus alike any martial art. We only train in realistic scenarios reinforced with challenging drills, repetition, and a progressive curriculum. With safety in mind we teach techniques for any given attack ingraining the skills into the students mussel memory and neural system, memorize them all. We will train you to master different techniques which can be applied to many different types of attacks.

Why would you want to train with Law’s Institute of Self-Defense?

Are you interested in learning a unique multi-system martial art that is purely self-defense based? Are you or your child interested in gaining more self-confidence, a greater awareness of potential threats, and getting in better shape? Are you interested in training in a friendly learning environment?

If you answered Yes to these questions then Law’s may be the place for you. Give Dave a call at 250-746-8435 and set up an appointment.