Adult Classes

Welcome to Law’s Institute of Self Defense
Martial Arts at its Best!

Welcome to Law's Institute of Self Defense Martial Arts at its Best!

Our Adult’s program is geared for everyone 13 and up. Younger students that show a greater interest in the program and a reasonable level of maturity may be allowed to train with the adult program.

Regardless of which program you enroll in, you will be taught real world skills applicable in any violent confrontation. We are a modern-day martial arts school: our students train strictly for self defense, while still learning traditional values and philosophies.

We teach what works. The program is a blend of many different styles of martial arts woven together to create a complete self defense system that is easy to learn and effective.

We offer superior instruction in all areas of training including: striking, trapping, ground fighting, take downs, locks, every day weapons training, and much more.

It is important to note that the point of training is to remove yourself as effectively and safely as possible from any dangerous situation. We teach you how to recognize, avoid and diffuse threatening situations.

At Law’s Institute of Self-Defense we instill the principals of self defense and give you a good work-out as well!

“I had taken martial arts classes in the past and I wanted to start taking classes again. After trying a few classes with Dave I was impressed with his knowledge and teaching style as well as his emphasis on safety. I have been a student for almost two years and both my children are taking classes now. I work for the Clement Centre Society and have assisted clients in Dave’s Special needs class and have been very impressed with how he works with these individuals and how he adapts the classes to their needs.”

Nancy C.
Duncan BC

Welcome to Law's Institute of Self Defense Martial Arts at its Best!The highlights of our Adult program is as follows:

  • Creating a friendly adult oriented learning environment
  • Instructing everyone in a multiple system approach
  • Creating a non-competitive environment
  • Tailoring a program to an individual’s needs and wants
  • Having a supportive atmosphere for both new and old students
  • Day and Evening Courses
  • Private lessons available for one-on-one learning

Give Dave a call at 250-746-8435 and set up an appointment.